your-life-is-your-story-write-well-edit-often-printsWe are all telling a story, every high, every low play a part in the twist and turns of the plot.

The best stories that are told are not of the successes of courageous people but the journey they took. The struggles they endeavoured for the goal they had out of reach but never out of sight.

My journey to the Olympic games didn’t start in sport but with my passion for arts and storytelling, which led through many peaks and troughs learning from people ranging from Olympic champions to BAFTA awards winners. I’ve noticed the same pattern in each of their stories which helped me pick up a sport at the late age of 18 and within 5 years represent Great Britain in my home town.

Combining my love for arts and visuals with my experience towards the Olympic games, I will share a story that will motivate and inspire.

Topics include

  • How to be the best you can be.
  • How to face your phobias & fears.
  • Visual Goal setting techniques.


For Educators

Primary School:

Just Ace it School Day.

Just Ace it School Day Peter Bakare Nathan French 16


Using my passion for sport, health and the imagination. I have teamed up with Nathan French, team mate for the London 2012 Olympics to create the Just Ace it school day; a health schools programme delivered through fun fitness and mixed media.

College & Universities:

Topics include

  • Balancing your sport & education.
  • Goal setting techniques.
  • Students & Athletes Personal Branding.