Peter Bakare Social Media Management Digital Services Graphics and animation

Peter Bakare Social Media Management Digital Services Graphics and animation

Using my experience as a business owner and years in the media industry I have worked on a worked with individuals, small businesses and organisations with their online and digital content goals.My diverse skill-set allows me to specialise in a variety of areas including:

I enjoy working closely with my clients to determine their design objectives, target audience and project requirements. I then create the best way to bring their vision to life.

Clients work with me because of my unique blend of experience from acting, writing and animation that allows me to bring a breadth of creativity. My years of professional sport have taught me the strive for quality and most importantly the value of teamwork and leadership.

Social Media Management

Social media has taken off and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Just about every company’s marketing strategy must include a social media aspect in order to compete in today’s market. Brand’s that aren’t social are missing out on an opportunity to engage existing and potential customers. My experience includes managing, analyzing, and creating content for … Continue reading Social Media Management

Graphic Design

Images are powerful and evoke an array of emotions. From your brand logo to a simple ad, design defines your image in society. Graphic design gives your brand a clearcut identity in the market. It helps customers identify you amidst the clutter. Every detail matters when designing any piece of marketing material because it is … Continue reading Graphic Design

Motion Graphics & Animation

Projects Super 8’s All Stars Game Client: Volleyball England, Side Out  Project Manager, Content Marketing, Animation Just Ace it School Day Client: Your Student Body Services: Project Manager, Motion Graphics, Video Editing Just Ace it Story Client: Your Student Body Service: Project Manager, Writer, Illustrator, Animator Credits: Animators, Nico Amalfitano, Shaun Riches, Ellam Toussi